Recently there have been some disappointing instances of rubbish dumping at the Owenga transfer station.

It saddens us to see our transfer station treated this way. Unfortunately, this behaviour is damaging to our environment and undermines our efforts to sustainably manage waste on the Island.

The Chatham Islands Council takes improper dumping of rubbish seriously, and we will be investigating these incidents.

Moki the biosecurity dog

Moki the biosecurity dog

Improper rubbish dumping at Owenga transfer station

We know there have been some changes to our recycling systems recently, and we’re working on further community education about our new requirements.

Thank you to everyone that has made the effort to sort and dispose of your rubbish and recycling thoughtfully.

Seen something? — Report it

If you see anyone dumping rubbish improperly, please contact us on 03 305 0033 as soon as possible so we can investigate. Thank you for your cooperation.