The Chatham Islands Council adopted a Liquor Licensing Policy in 2008.

The purpose of the Liquor Licensing Policy is to set out the expectations of Council and the community in respect of meeting the object of the Sale of Liquor Act 1989, namely “to establish a reasonable system of control over the sale and supply of liquor to the public with the aim of contributing to the reduction of liquor abuse, so far as can be achieved by legislative means”.

Fees and Charges

Application fees for liquor licensing are set by the Ministry of Justice. For more information, visit the Ministry of Justice website(external link).

View the Alcohol Licensing Fees and Charges:

Application fees for food licensing are completed under contract by Wellington City Council.

  • New registration fee: $173
  • Inspection fee: $315
  • Food control plan registration fee (annually): $77.50
  • National programme registration fee (biennial): $77.50

For more information, visit Wellington City Council's website(external link)

Forms and Applications

You can download and print, then fill-out and return these forms: