Our staff

Our staff are responsible for supporting and assisting the Council in achieving its vision for the community, by providing efficient and effective services and administration support.

Chief Executive Officer

Owen Pickles

Operations Manager

Manaia Cunningham

Council Executive Assistant

Jo Clark

Finance Technical Lead

Colette Peni

Regulatory Officer

Colleen Clearwater

Pest Management

Kerri Moir

Robin Seymour

Emergency Management

Rana Solomon

For general enquiries please email info@cic.govt.nz or phone 03 305 0033

Our elected representatives

As with all local authorities, elections are held every three years to appoint a Mayor and Councillors. The most recent election was held in 2019.


Monique Croon

Deputy Mayor

Greg Horler


Keri Day

Celine Gregory-Hunt

Graeme Hoare

Greg Horler

Richard Joyce

Oscar Nilsson

Amanda Seymour

Jason Seymour

Environment Canterbury support

Environment Canterbury(external link) staff in Christchurch support the Chatham Islands Council with planning, science, corporate services, resource management, emergency management, maritime safety and biosecurity.