The Chatham Islands Council Navigation Safety Bylaws 2013 have been developed after wide consultation with the Chathams community, to support safe navigation practices, to reduce risk, and generally to manage boating and other activities in the Islands’ coastal waters.

Navigation Safety Chatham Islands

The Chatham Islands Navigation Safety Bylaws 2013 were reviewed in June 2021 by the Chatham Island Council and deemed fit for purpose. They also took this opportunity to approve a few definition and formatting improvements, but no major changes were required.

A copy of the Navigation Safety Bylaw can be found below. If you require a paper copy please contact Chatham Island Council directly.

These Bylaws are geographically-specific rules for navigation made under s684 of the Local Government Act 1974. The Bylaws are consistent with the national maritime laws for navigation safety but do not repeat the national rules for steering and sailing (“the rules of the road”). In addition to these Bylaws, all water users also need to understand and comply with the national rules especially Part 22 of the Maritime Rules –‘Collision Prevention’.

Further information and a full copy of Part 22 of the Maritime Rules can be found on: link).