Our community outcomes are developed with the community to help us promote Islanders’ social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing.

Social Wellbeing: Resilient community
Greater connectivity, especially with on-island broadband projects, sustainable housing; building relationships on and off Island; and enabling us to respond promptly in times of need.
Cultural Wellbeing: Embracing diversity
We value the Chatham Islands way of life and its traditions. We recognise the special relationship with both local imi and iwi, and acknowledge the responsibilities it has to Moriori and Māori under the Local Government Act 2002 and the Resource Management Act 1991.
Economic Wellbeing: Growth builders
We will work in partnership with organisations to provide economic development opportunities. Such growth will increase prosperity and employment within our community.
Environmental Wellbeing: Sustainable action
We will protect our unique setting in a manner that has minimal impact on our environment for current and future generations, giving consideration to our local imi and iwi traditions.

A safe and healthy community

  • Access to affordable, quality housing
  • Access to and serviced by a health provider that is accommodating to the needs of the community
  • Access to education opportunities for all ages
  • Access to quality infrastructure services

A safe and secure community

  • Access to recreation and sports facilities
  • A community able to live within its means whilst enjoying a standard of living
  • A community that has employment opportunities

An enterprising and innovative community

  • A community that promotes economic development for its fishing, farming and tourism industries
  • Up-to-date telecommunication and information technology that supports economic growth
  • An educated, skilled workforce
  • Access to reliable and affordable transportation services

An environmentally conscious community

  • A community that protects, sustains and enriches the environment for future generations
  • A community that acknowledges and values Chatham Islands’ cultural heritage and its uniqueness

A culturally enriched community

  • A community that values the Chatham Islands’ ‘way of life’ and traditions
  • A community that acknowledges and values the importance of ‘tangata whenua’ as an integral part of our community
  • A community that values and supports the arts as a means of sustaining our heritage
  • A community that values its ‘taonga’/treasures