Waitangi Hall

Waitangi Hall was part of the Council office buildings until we moved into new premises in January 2022. The old building is no longer fit for use and Council needs to decide what to do with it.

We can’t leave it as is.

We want to hear what the community thinks.

Drop in sessions

We’d love for you to come along to either of our drop in sessions:

  • 10am-12pm, Wednesday 8 November, Council Chambers
  • 5pm-7pm, Wednesday 15 November, Council Chambers

Talk to a Councillor, have a look around the Waitangi Hall building and grab an information pack about what our options are.

The options

  • Get rid of the building.
    Demolish it or tender for removal.
  • Repair the entire building.
    Get it to a standard that is fit for use for something else. What could that be? You tell us!
  • Partially repair.
    Some newer parts of the building are in better condition and would require less work to fix. We could fix these parts and demolish the other parts.

For more information about what the problems are, what would need to be done and potential costs, please read this information pack [PDF, 316 KB].

Making a submission

We strongly encourage you to think about what you would like and let us know.

Submissions are open between Wednesday 25 October and Friday 1 December.

Submissions can be:

Submissions will be heard in early 2024.