An exciting adventure is coming for Eva Gregory-Hunt who has been approved to volunteer onboard the Global Mercy, the largest civilian hospital ship, currently serving in Sierra Leone. Eva will be serving for six months from early January 2024.

Eva Gregory-Hunt

Eva Gregory-Hunt

How Mercy Ships work

The Global Mercy is designed to provide state-of-the-art training for local colleagues, using two simulation labs with virtual and augmented reality, mannequins and other training tools. A simulated post-op care space will allow simulations, to teach the best practices for working in low-resource environments. Mercy Ship’s promise is to leave the host nation better equipped to care for its own people.

Mercy Ships is Christian-based, non-profit organisation, that provides free medical care and surgery to some of the world’s poorest people. The ships are staffed by over 1,000 volunteers, from over 50 nations every year and include nurses, surgeons, crew, catering staff and many other support staff. Their mission is to bring hope and healing to people who lack even the most basic medical care, with both ships providing surgeries for conditions such as cleft palate, tumor removal or reduction, orthopaedic issues, reconstruction surgeries, dental care and eye care - conditions which are common in disadvantaged and under-served communities.

As well as volunteering their services on the Mercy ships, everyone pays their own airfares, insurance, vaccinations and accommodation and expenses. This enables Mercy Ships to deliver surgeries, training, and other services free of charge.

How you can support

Eva is currently fundraising to assist her in covering her fees, and donations can be made through the Mercy Ship donor page(external link). Click 'Designate to' and select 'Volunteer'. Click 'Add comment' and type: Eva Gregory-Hunt GL code 6354. Please note this donor option charges a processing fee.

Eva will be providing regular updates on her Facebook page(external link).