The Manaaki Whanau O Wharekauri Trust, formerly known as the Morgue/Marque Committee, has been established to provide funeral services for our Island whanau.

About the committee

The committee members are Monique Croon (Chair), George Day, Jymmy Gregory-Hunt, Edward Fraser, Neville Day, Lavinia Lanauze, Keri Day, Elizabeth Day, Pauline Seymour, Brenda Tuanui, Eva Gregory-Hunt, Sally Lanauze and Klicky Peni (administrator).

Each member volunteers their time and actively contributes to support whanau through bereavement, provide care to the tupapaku (deceased) and to provide a culturally, safe and professional service to the community. We also continue to seek learning opportunities to help educate our volunteers, whanau and our committee.

Services provided

There are costs to the whanau for our services which also includes the marque, the coffin, morgue fee, burial fee and to cover costs for those who volunteer their time over the three days.

If you choose our services, the whanau will receive an invoice, and payment is required. We are happy to negotiate time payment if whanau cannot pay the full amount.

Our service is optional. Whanau can bring in their own funeral director from New Zealand. Whanau who have had loved ones pass away in New Zealand will also be aware of higher costs for funeral home services than you would pay through our Trust.

Chatham Island Council owns the morgue, and supports the committee with administration services. It funds the cleaning and maintenance of the grounds. We also work with Chatham Islands Health Centre which supports our services.

For further information please contact Monique Croon or Klicky Peni.