On Wednesday 24 May, a meeting was held to discuss the potential impact on fuel supply and freight requirements while the Southern Tiare is out of service.

The meeting was well attended with representatives from Council, CIET, iwi, imi, central government agencies, and local businesses from commercial fishing companies, Air Chathams, Top Shop, and Hotel Chathams. The forum provided an opportunity to discuss any emerging issues, but more importantly the plans already in place to help resolve them.

Fuel supply on the island is being monitored and if needed, Chatham Islands Shipping Limited is organising a tug for the delivery of additional diesel to the island. At present there is an adequate supply of petrol on the island until the ship is expected to resume service (at the earliest, 7 July 2023).

However, we will continue to monitor fuel levels to see if additional support is needed over the coming weeks. Air Chathams has been working closely with local businesses to get freight on and off the island. Please continue to liaise with Vanessa Tuuta from Air Chathams as your first point of contact in relation to any concerns over air freight.

If there is a need for greater coordination of services to resolve emerging issues as a result of the ship being out of service, please contact Civil Defence Emergency Manager Rana Soloman.