Council has reviewed the Control of Alcohol in Public Places Bylaw and is proposing some minor changes.

The purpose of the Control of Alcohol in Public Places Bylaw is to enhance the safety of the public and allow the responsible enjoyment of public places. This is achieved by providing alcohol-free zones in public places, at specified dates and times.

Alcohol free zones prohibit the possession or consumption of alcohol in specific public places. Studies have found that alcohol free zones are effective in reducing negative impacts associated with alcohol including offensive behaviour, feeling unsafe, excessive noise, littering and property damage, threats to personal safety and crime.

Proposed amendments

Council is not proposing any significant amendments to the existing bylaw.

Proposed minor amendments include:

  • Increasing the hours the bylaw covers to be ‘at any time’.
  • Increasing clarity of the area covered by the bylaw by means of a new map to accompany the bylaw, noting the areas covered by the bylaw are all public places, roads and road reserves.

The recommendation to extend restrictions on alcohol in public places to ‘at any time’ was driven by a desire to give Police greater opportunity to intervene in incidents of alcohol-related crimes before they escalated.


If you want to have a say on the proposed changes, please send in a submission between 2 October 2023  to 4.30pm 13 November 2023

Submissions can be made using the submission form [PDF, 123 KB] or hard copies of the submission form are available from the Chatham Islands Council office, or by request at

Sending your submission

Submissions can be:

  • Dropped off at Council
  • Emailed to
  • Posted to:
    Chatham Islands Council
    PO Box 24
    Chatham Islands

Persons who wish to be heard by Council will be given the opportunity to do so. If you wish to make an oral submission, please indicate YES on the submission form and ensure you have included your contact details. We will contact you to arrange a time for you to speak.

Submissions will be heard on 6 December 2023.

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