Have your say about what freshwater means to you! This includes rivers, streams, dune lakes, Te Whanga Lagoon, and wetlands.

Come along to a community meeting to talk about freshwater on the Chatham Islands and enjoy the provided afternoon tea.

When: Friday 10 November 2023, 3.00 - 5.30 pm

Where: Council building

What we'll cover

This MPI Funded project is focused on finding Chatham Island specific opportunities at both farm and landscape scale, to drive improved Island outcomes for whenua, landowners and community.

It’s important imi, iwi and the farming community are involved in the discussion about Chatham specific Freshwater protection and management strategies.

We now have an opportunity to deliver something fit for purpose that engages landowners and creates long term improvements to specific freshwater locations of ecological and/or cultural significance.

Who will be there

This gathering will be facilitated by Ruby Mulinder from Agri Concepts Ltd who has worked alongside the rural community on the Island over the last five years. Ruby will introduce the project and its objectives.

Milly Farquhar from Wai Consulting will also support this meeting as a freshwater ecologist who currently works alongside landowners supporting improved freshwater outcomes.

Guest speakers

  • Adrian Meredith (Principal Scientist Environment Canterbury) to present the most recent freshwater information for the Chatham Islands.
  • Rabia Sheikh a master’s student who is researching the Islands peat soil potential as a carbon sink. With the hope of scoping the options for carbon credits on peatlands on the Chatham Islands in future.
  • Tamata Hauha will introduce the work they do alongside landowners throughout Aotearoa to support the planting of sensitive areas with little to no capital outlay, while generating carbon credits for landowners.

If you have any specific questions, please be in contact with Ruby at Ruby@agriconcepts.nz.

We look forward to seeing you there!