Illustration of Hemi the kiwi recycling rubbish

Over the coming weeks, each household and business will receive a new recycling bin and some rubbish bags.

We have had many enquiries over the years regarding having recycling bins produced so we are now happy to announce that they are coming! These bins will make it easier for you to carry your recyclables when taking them to the Transfer Station. 

Each household/business will be given one bin each and 52 bags. You can purchase any extra bins ($25ea) or bags ($4 for 10 or $12 for 52) from Council.

Before biffing it out, think…

Can I reuse this? Can I repair this? Could this be used for a different purpose? Is it recyclable?

It’s important we try to reduce our waste where we can. It takes all of us!

Thanks for your support with making the Chathams a great place to live.