Environment Canterbury and Chatham Islands Council have signed a new contract for services.

Because of its remote location and thanks to a few Acts, Chatham Islands Council acts as a unitary authority, having the responsibilities of both a local council, and a regional council.

Since 2004, Central Government has granted funding for Chatham Islands Council to get help in meeting its obligations as a regional council.  Since then, these services have been provided by Environment Canterbury.

Environment Canterbury helps Chatham Islands Council with things like:

  • Managing freshwater on the Chathams
  • Biosecurity – including ensuring that shipments to the islands are pest free
  • Civil Defence and responding to natural hazard emergencies
  • Issuing resource management consents and monitoring compliance
  • Navigational safety
  • Supporting the Chathams Council with their new land and water plan (yes, along with all other regional councils, the Chathams needs a new plan in accordance with the Essential Freshwater directions from central Government)
  • Communication and Engagement
  • Preparation of Long Term Plans, Annual Plan, financial reporting and lots more.

There is a team from across Environment Canterbury, representing most parts of the business, that delivers services to the Chathams. It is a unique programme of work – applying our skills and expertise to a different and unique environment. 

The team reports every six weeks to the CEO of the Chatham Islands Council, Owen Pickles, with a six-weekly report going to the Chatham Islands Council.