Be like Hemi the Weka. Sorting your waste is easier than it looks.

We're making changes to how we process waste at Te One transfer station.

We will no longer be accepting items that aren't sorted. Before you turn up at the transfer station, take some time to sort your items.

  • Bag and seal your general waste and make sure it doesn't weigh more than 25kg.
  • Rinse and clean your recycling, and make sure it's empty and dry.

Other than general household waste, we also accept several other items: wood, scrap metal under 25kg, tyres, rope, heavy plastics, broken appliances and whiteware, e-waste, batteries, empty gas bottles, and used burnt engine oil if it's in a fit-for-purpose sealed drum or container.

If you have clothing, books, tools, or bric-a-brac that still have some life left, you can drop them at the Mitre 12.

There are also a number of items we don't accept at the transfer station.

Find out more about how to sort your recycling and what can and can't be dropped off.