Council has recently commenced several projects with its consultant, Stantec, that aim to improve the way we manage rubbish and recycling on the Chatham Islands.

Weighbridge at Te One

Council has secured $100,000 in funding through the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, which will enable the Council to install a weighbridge at Te One Materials Recovery Facility. This is expected to be completed near the end of this year.

Managing solid waste and recycling

Council is considering introducing a Solid Waste Bylaw which will have the purpose to regulate the collection, transportation and disposal of different types of rubbish and recycling on the Chathams.

It will also assist in implementing Council’s Solid Waste Management and Management Plan, which is currently being reviewed, and it will impose performance standards for handling rubbish and recycling for the benefit of the community.

Developing a Solid Waste Bylaw will take about eight months and requires Council to engage and consult with its community. So look out for invitations to be involved in this process.

Council is also looking at issues and options for applying different charges for disposing of rubbish.

At present, Council uses a part of the property rates to fund the solid waste activities, but most of the funding comes from government grants. Council wants to encourage the community to be more involved in recycling materials, so avoiding the creation of rubbish.

Making recycling free, whilst charging for rubbish disposal, is one way to encourage people to recycle.

This project will run together with the Solid Waste Bylaw project and will provide Council with the information it needs to make a decision regarding implementing rubbish disposal charges.

Managing rubbish and recycling costs a lot of money and is one of the reasons why Council has not yet been able to transport the bales of recyclables off the Island.

Council has asked Stantec to look at sources of funding that could be used to transport those bales. In addition, Council is looking to develop close ties with a local authority in New Zealand that will help facilitate the processing of the recyclables.

Scrap metal

Several years ago, Council organised a scrap metal contractor to come to the Chathams with a metal crushing plant, and process scrap metal, like old cars.

Council is wanting to do this again and will be seeking funding from the government for this.

Council needs to identify how much scrap metal could be processed and will be asking residents to contact Council with details of what sort and volume of scrap metal materials they have available for disposal. Look out for Council’s requests on Facebook(external link) and in future newsletters for this information.

For further information on these projects, contact Colette Peni.