With nominations for Chatham Islands Council now closed and the election just around the corner, now is the time to look into who is standing to represent you.

Nominations closed at noon on Friday 12 August 2022 and the race is on to secure the mayoral chains for the next three years. Monique Croon and Greg Horler are vying for the position.

Councillors Keri-Lea Day, Celine (Bubbles) Gregory-Hunt, Graeme Hoare, Greg Horler, Richard Steven Joyce, Judy Kamo, Nigel Ryan and Amanda Seymour were elected unopposed.

Chatham Islands Council Chief Executive Owen Pickles is happy with the number of community members willing to put their hand up to represent the Chatham Islands.

“Having a good number of candidates willing to be the voice for their community is always pleasing.”

Find out who are the candidates.

Voting papers including a booklet with statements from candidates will be arriving in letterboxes from the middle of September ahead of Election Day on 8 October. You will be able to vote by post or by dropping your vote in at the Council office.

The electoral roll has now closed and the focus now shifts to encouraging everyone to have a say and vote.

If you are not enrolled to vote, it’s not too late although you will need to complete a special vote. Get in touch with Electoral Officer Jo Guise on 03 3050 033 (ext 705) for more information.