Monique Croon has officially been re-elected Mayor of the Chatham Islands, with the release of the final results.

Council will look a little differently this triennium. With the arrival of new Councillor Judy Kamo and Ms Croon remaining at the helm, Council has for the first time more women than men around the decision-making table.

The team of elected members are Monique Croon, Keri Lea Day, Celine (Bubbles) Gregory-Hunt, Graeme Hoare, Greg Horler, Richard Joyce, Judy Kamo, Nigel Ryan and Amanda Seymour.

The statutory meeting of the triennium will take place on 20 October. This is when the Mayor and Councillors will be sworn in. This is also when the Deputy Mayor will be appointed.

The first business meeting of Council will be on 10 November.

You can find out who your Councillors are on our elections homepage.