Predator Free Chathams is a community-driven project to help restore our islands’ natural gifts. It gives Islanders a chance to be involved in developing and delivering a project for their island and future generations. Hamish Chisholm tells us about their latest work.

A community backyard trapping network has been set up. It was very well received with over 300 rat traps already built and distributed around the community. If you requested a trap but haven’t received one yet, my apologies! My inbox isn’t accustomed to receiving so many messages and I’m sure there was the odd one that fell through the cracks. Please get back in touch and I will get them delivered to you asap.

We now also have Trapinator possum kill traps available. These aren’t ‘set-and-forget’ style traps and still require regular baiting with fresh lures. However, they are still a handy and relatively hassle-free tool to add to your backyard.

Eradication Feasibility Study

An Eradication Feasibility Study for Rēkohu/Wharekauri is underway and will hopefully be completed over the next month, so watch this space for updates.

This study will provide a more detailed picture of what work is needed to move towards an island-wide eradication of the three target predators; rats, feral cats and possums. It will also give an indication of what the costs might be.

Next steps

It’s still early days for Predator Free Chathams. The recently formed Chathams Restoration Trust is planning the next steps, which will include supporting local restoration initiatives.

A native tree nursery was recently built at Kaingaroa School with the help of members of the community to help build local growing capacity. Input and collaboration are always welcomed so feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or ideas!

Troy Tuhiwai Rodgers, Hamish Chisholm, Mike Bell, Philip Graydon and Liam Tuhiwai Rodgers stand in front of the newly completed shade house for the native nursery at Kaingaroa School.

Predator Free Chathams crew hard at working building rat traps.