In February 2023, Environment Canterbury compliance monitoring team members will be conducting their biennial visit to the Islands.

Terri Huxtable and Josh MacDonald-Davis will be travelling around the Island from 12-21 February assessing industry for levels of compliance with the Chatham Islands Resource Management Document (2020) and the Resource Management Act (1991).

This work is undertaken every two years as part of the Chatham Island Council's contract with Environment Canterbury, which undertakes certain regional council functions on their behalf.

Terri and Josh will be meeting with members of the community and key organisations while on the Island so please do stop them and say hi. Both Terri and Josh would be happy to share knowledge of ways to help protect the environment.

If you have any questions about the visit or would like to request a meeting, please contact Environment Canterbury at 0800 324 636 and ask for Terri.