Danni, with a large smile, holding up a driver licence.

As part of the Mayors Task Force for Jobs, six groups have travelled to Otaki for their driver licence upgrade this winter.

Kiwi Can Do is the driver licence training provider. They provide accommodation in Otaki and driving lessons which is essential preparation for sitting a car licence. 

The pass rate has been 100% so far:

  • 12 people achieving their restricted
  • 26 people now with their class 1 full licence
  • 8 class 2 drivers (small rigid trucks) and;
  • 10 class 4 (heavy rigid trucks).

Of the 56 people who have travelled to the mainland, eight also achieved their wheels tracks and rollers. 

Driver operating special equipment: a HireWays roller.

Eight people achieved their wheels tracks and rollers licence.

Congratulations to everyone who has received a licence upgrade in the last two years and a big thank you to Air Chathams for being so accommodating with flight availability.

If you would like to know more about gaining your next driver licence or sitting your learners, please contact Abby at the council 03 305 0033 or abby@cic.govt.nz.

Students around a table, sitting driver licence test, using pen and paper.

Sitting the written test.