The Chatham Islands Council is responsible for both District and Regional Council activities.

Funding sources

To pay for these the Council has five funding sources:



Crown appropriation


Waka Kotahi (NZTA)


Council Dues


Fees & Charges and various Government funding schemes




Rating System

Rates are a charge against property (rating unit) and set by the Council. Rates are a blend of ‘tax’ and service charges.

Councils levy rates to fund services and facilities that the community has asked for and to fund services that Government requires councils to provide (Eg. roading and emergency management). Service charges are costs that can be measured and charged directly to those who benefit from them (Eg. water and wastewater). Most other rates, either targeted or general, are essentially a ‘tax’.

We use a capital value rating system. The valuation of the island is done every three years – the next due date is 2021.

Chatham Islands Council rates are calculated using the property value and the use of the property, such as residential, business and rural. Council’s Annual Plan or Long Term Plan decides the work to be done, how much it will cost and the total amount of rates that are needed to pay for it.


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