You can now find out your property's valuation and rates details online.

The Chatham Island Council Rates Information Database has been added to our website. You can find the document on the 'Your Rates' page, and there is also a hard copy available at the Council offices.

Within the document you can search for:

  • property details – valuation number, property address, land area
  • rates details – your account number, current rates, previous rates
  • valuation details – the date rates take effect, land value and capital value.

Press CTRL + F to search the document.

You can withhold your personal details from the public Rating Information Database. To do so requires a written application to the Council, please enquire at our Council office(external link).

Check what rates apply to your property

Council has been maintaining our rates system and you may notice some changes to your rates invoice (e.g. contiguous properties have been identified and now appear on one invoice). 

For any queries regarding your invoice or rates, contact our Council office(external link).

For more information on our funding, financial and other policies, refer to our 2021-31 Long-Term Plan [PDF, 14 MB](external link).