Chatham Islands harbours, ports and wharfs are CLOSED to all outside vessels.


  • ensure the safety of navigation;
  • minimise any possible hazards to navigation; and
  • minimise the endangerment of the safety of people

under Bylaw 9.2.1 (d) of the Chatham Islands Navigation Safety Bylaw 2013, the Chatham Islands Council Harbourmaster has, except as may be exempted for lifeline supplies and critical trade, closed all Chatham Islands harbours ports and wharfs to all outside vessels.

This applies to all Chatham Island Ports and wharfs including:

  • Waitangi
  • Owenga wharf
  • Kaingaroa wharf
  • Port Hutt (Whangaroa Harbour)
  • Flowerpot Bay – Pitt Island

Josh Thomas
Chatham Islands Council