Sport NZ rural travel funding applications are now open for 2018/19.

Kids sport

Up to $8,978.75 (excluding GST) is available for sports groups and schools.

The fund is designed to help subsidise rural travel for junior teams aged between 5-19 years. It helps school and club sports teams participate in local sporting competitions.

The fund is not available for travelling to regional or national events or to one-off events. The fund is intended for school sports teams or sports clubs teams, defined as:

  • a school club team participating in regular local sport competition out of school time, that excludes inter school and intra school competitions played during school time", and/or
  • a sports club team participating in organised, regular sport competition through club membership outside of school time.

How to apply

Download the application form below, or you can pick up an application form from the Chatham Islands Council office.

Applications close at 4pm, Friday 22 March 2019

For further information or advice on your application please contact Orrin Kapua on (03) 3050 033, or at