New Chatham Islands Council website improves access to information for residents.


On Friday 17 August the Chatham Islands Council launched its brand new website.

Corporate Services Manager Deborah Goomes says, "The previous site was on an old platform which meant it was unreliable for our Islanders. Now we have a beautiful new site with updated information that’s easier to find."

"Most importantly, the site is now on a more modern, secure platform which means that key information, such as emergency management documents, are always available should they be needed by emergency agencies or the community."

"The new site also allows us to showcase our Islands with stunning photography, while providing access to Council information for residents."

A priority for the website upgrade was ensuring the website is Island-friendly; making sure it’s accessible for Islanders to view the website’s content, even with slow Internet connections. A special feature of the website is the ‘Are you sure?’ prompt – asking the user if they’re sure they want to download a document before it begins the download process, as this can slow down a computer with a limited Internet connection.

The website also has a new area for potential visitors to the Islands. Deborah says, "Although our new website is designed with Islanders in mind, we also added the Visit the Chatham Islands section, which includes some key information for anyone who may want to travel here, such as airport and transport information. We hope that our website will be one of the first places online that potential visitors might go to seek information about travelling here, so by providing some basic information about our Islands and how to get here, it might encourage a tourism boost and welcome injection to the local economy."

Be sure to explore the new site, and please share your feedback by filling out the Contact form.