The Chatham Islands Investment Strategy 2024-28 has been developed by the four island governance entities, the Chatham Islands Council, Hokotehi Moriori Trust, Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust and Ngāti Mutunga o Wharekauri Iwi Trust on behalf of the Chatham and Pitt Island communities.

In the spirit of kotahitanga/hokotehitanga/unity this strategy asserts and represents the collective ‘voice’ of the Islands, its community and our vision of achieving a better future.

In realising our vision and addressing the many challenges that currently face our isolated, remote community, it is pivotal that sound working relationships with central government are established and enduring. This strategy provides a platform for strengthening relationships with government agencies and takes a focused and forward-thinking approach to each of the wellbeing outcomes, through working groups led by the Four Entities.

There are five wellbeing areas: infrastructure, economic, environmental, social and cultural that provide detailed pathways for the realisation of outcomes. Achieving these outcomes will enable our community to have enhanced growth, be more sustainable, prosper and continue to have pride and place as island residents.

It is with unity as a community that we continue to be empowered, create and strive for a better future now and for the future generations to come.

There are three flagship projects which have been prioritised as they are key drivers towards improving overall wellbeing. These are the delivery of the Islands’ Renewal Energy project, building and improving housing and the quality of homes on the Chatham Islands, and delivery of a replacement shipping solution for the Chatham Islands.